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AERIAL POWER – leading the way in Marketing, Technical Consulting, Contracting and EPC in Renewable Energy.

Our work focuses on energy and the environment, infrastructure and projects for Renewable Energy Industry. Our base is in Kerala, but our business and clients extend right across the India.

What make us unique are our co-workers and the marketing, technical consulting and EPC in renewable energy industry’s greatest bank of experience.

Aerial Power consists of four divisions: - The Consultancy Services in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency with a focus on technical, financial and strategic aspects, EPC services for Commercial Solar Power Projects and grid tied roof top Solar systems, Infrastructure development of Wind Power Projects (Construction of WTG Foundation, Sub Station, HT line linking, Roads and pathways), Marketing and Installation of Domestic Wind and Solar power Systems.

The divisions are based on the requirements of our clients as reflected in our own spectrum of skills.

1) Consultancy

Aerial Power Consultancy division offers consulting services in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, with a focus on technical, financial and strategic aspects.

Aerial Power works directly with regulatory bodies to keep up with industry trends, allowing us to provide a broad range of expertise and the most comprehensive integrated offering of consulting services in the industry. We have the breadth and depth of expert renewable energy services to turn your project from potential energy to realized revenue.

Aerial Power offers Consultancy services for commercial Solar Power plant projects to our public sector and private sector clients.

2) EPC

The EPC Division is, offering a total EPC services in development of MW scale power projects using Solar photo voltaic (SPV) technology and our services is based on ‘concept-to-completion’ solutions.

In PV Based Commercial Solar Projects

  • EPC of MW Scale Solar power projects.

  • EPC of Grid Interactive Power plants (ranging from KW to MW).

3) Infrastructure Development

The Infrastructure Division holds Contract services for infrastructure development of MW scale Wind Power projects, like Construction of WTG foundation, Roads and Pathways, Electrical Substation, HT line linking on Turnkey basis.

  • Civil, Electrical EPC works for WTG project on turnkey basis.

  • Construction of Hill road ,Crane boom assemble area and Area development for WTG projects.

  • Erection and O&M of Sub station, HT Transmission line work.

  • Erection of Power Transformer, DG Set and connected Electrical works

4) Domestic Wind and Solar Power Projects

The Domestic Wind and Solar Power Division are primarily focused on marketing and installation of hybrid and stand-alone wind solar systems with or without power storage bank.

  • Design, Consultancy, Marketing and Installation of Off-Grid/Grid Tied Solar Solutions.

  • Design, Consultancy, Marketing and Installation Grid/ DG/ Wind/Solar Hybrid System (in any combination)